We have extensive experience working as lawyers and business affairs advisers in live theatre productions.

Our lead lawyer, Nick Hart, has worked in-house as a theatre lawyer in London and Sydney and on various productions internationally.

Our first-hand knowledge gives us a thorough understanding of the commercial and creative objectives of our clients.

We combine our extensive industry knowledge with experience as corporate and commercial lawyers to ensure that clients receive the highest quality advice and legal and business affairs services at highly competitive rates.

We value our international experience and our good relationships within a network of UK and US legal and accounting advisors, enabling us to provide legal and business affairs expertise for incoming and outgoing productions and investment.

Contact Nick Hart for further information.


    • Acquisition and licensing of rights, including stage rights and music rights
    • Investor and financing arrangements and agreements
    • Engaging and commissioning authors, composers, lyricists and book writers
    • Agreements with creative contributors, including directors, designers, choreographers
    • Co-productions
    • Licensing of productions
    • Hiring of theatres and venues
    • Sponsorship, marketing and merchandising
    • Supply, purchase or hire of equipment
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Recording agreements
    • Rights clearances
    • Advice on copyright
    Louise Jackson