Kelvin Tang graduated in 2010 from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology. He joined Blueprint Law in 2011 and was admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales, Australia in late 2011.

Since joining Blueprint Law, Kelvin has worked on a variety of commercial matters across different industries, including IT, consumer electronics, courier services and various other online businesses. His experience ranges from assisting start-up businesses to establishing appropriate terms of trade, advising on issues relating to privacy and the use of information in marketing and preparing detailed contracts for high-value engagements, including distribution agreements, shareholders’ agreements and software development agreements.

In addition to the above, Kelvin has also assisted a number of our clients with expanding and restructuring various aspects of their business. For example, he has assisted with the registration and maintenance of a client’s international trademarks portfolio, including preparing licensing agreements with third party distributors to allow the sale and promotion of the client’s products. Further, Kelvin has helped many clients operating in the technology and software development sector restructure their contracts with suppliers and end-customers, providing various insights on what different stakeholders in commercial contracts may consider to be fair and reasonable contract terms.

Kelvin also has significant dispute resolution experience, having worked on a diverse range of litigious and potentially litigious disputes in a number of commercial contexts. In terms of matters that did not escalate into Court proceedings, he has helped negotiate and resolve disputes relating to the copyright in website content, disputes relating to commercial bank loans and disputes relating to the distribution of company assets. In particular, Kelvin has always tried to help clients work towards negotiated settlements to minimise the uncertainties and costs of litigation where appropriate.

In relation to litigious matters, Kelvin has had daily carriage of matters in both the New South Wales Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Australia. The kinds of cases that Kelvin has worked on include corporate insolvency, personal bankruptcy, bank loans and securities, business and personal mortgages, commercial leases, building disputes and farm debts. In this respect, Kelvin has developed a solid knowledge of court processes from having acted and appeared in interlocutory proceedings, subpoena matters, primary trials and appellate hearings. Further, Kelvin has litigation experience in Queensland and Victoria as well as New South Wales.