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Whether your project is an animated TV series, web-based content or the next big blockbuster, our team brings a wealth of local and international experience to assist our clients across all aspects of the audio-visual industries. Our lawyers are highly experienced across a range of legal disciplines, from contract, copyright and banking issues to tax, employment and defamation. Our lawyers love working in this industry and offer skills and experience that are second to none in Australia.

We advise clients on all stages of a project, from development and acquiring rights through to production and distribution. Our particular speciality is in the financing of film and television content, including international co-productions, structured funds, crowd funding, tax-advantaged structures and private and institutional investment. We also advise on the protection of rights, including via litigation.

Gary Rogers is a specialist in film and television, and hasworked in the industry in LA, Sydney and London. He has advised on complex projects in the Australian screen industry.

Our film and television practice includes providing
advice to:



  • Producers to develop, finance, produce, commercialise, exploit and protect their projects

  • financiers on efficient means of investment, and securing their financial and other interests in the projects in which they invest

  • sales agents and distributors on the terms which will most successfully bring a project to its audience (in a rapidly evolving marketplace undergoing fundamental change through each new development in digital technology)

  • individual talent on ways to establish or develop or sustain a career in the screen industries

  • screen businesses on ways to structure their corporate arrangements most efficiently

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