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We have considerable expertise assisting clients in the technology sector, from startups to established multi-national companies.

We regularly advise clients on all aspects of the development and provision of software development, website/portal creation, managed services, cloud computing technologies, outsourcing, hardware supply/distribution, and mobile and online commerce. We provide a full range of legal services to our clients in the technology sector, from drafting and negotiating agreements through to advising on deals and working on corporate fundraising arrangements and shareholder issues.

Our technology work also focuses heavily on ensuring compliance with recent developments in privacy and data protection laws – see here for more information about our Privacy + Data practice.

Our experience includes providing advice in relation to the following:


  • software development, licensing, support and escrow agreements

  • SAAS agreements

  • managed service agreements

  • IT outsourcing arrangements

  • hardware supply and maintenance agreements

  • drafting terms and conditions for online businesses

  • advising on joint ventures and commercialisation arrangements

  • conducting website and business audits for legal compliance

  • advising on information security, data protection and privacy law issues

  • preparing technology companies for sale

Gary Rogers leads our technology practice.

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