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We provide advice to a wide range of clients in relation to data and privacy compliance, from start-ups to established enterprises. We understand that privacy risks vary from business to business depending on a range of factors, including size, structure, commercial partnerships, location and the information being handled and traded. Our approach is pragmatic and commercial, and we seek to empower our clients with the advice and tools needed to navigate data and privacy compliance with confidence.

Regulatory developments, such as the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme in Australia and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), have dramatically changed the landscape for all businesses that handle personal information. We advise across jurisdictions by drawing on established relationships with leading firms in Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

Our experience includes providing advice in relation to:


  • privacy policies

  • compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles

  • advice on the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

  • breach response plans

  • coverage advice for insurers

  • developing strategies to protect privacy and manage the use of customer data and personal information

  • data governance

Some examples of the assistance we have provided to clients are as follows:

  • for a market leading e-commerce platform provider: undertaking a business wide review of data and privacy practices including supervising a self audit, drafting updates to the business’s legaldocuments, including privacy policy, contracts with suppliers and customers, implementing a data breach response plan and advising on data processing arrangements with customers and sponsors

  • for a major Australian entertainment brand: implementing privacy compliance for solicited and unsolicited applications, advising on consent issues, drafting privacy policy, collection statement and cookie policy, as well as implementing a data breach response plan

  • for a major industry trade body: implementing privacy compliance for an international trade referral program

  • for a start-up global streaming service: participating in a multi-jurisdiction privacy compliance review

  • for a data analytics business: advising on cross-border transfers of personal information and implementation of a data processing arrangements

If you require more information about this sector of our firm, or wish to speak to one of our lawyers in relation to a confidential matter, feel free to get in touch.

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